WCVA, in partnership with Welsh Government, has secured funding from the European Transition Fund to establish the Empowering Communities in the Context of Brexit project.

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Some of the funding obtained is going to be used to fund research into how the Brexit process could impact on the availability and delivery of third sector led community services in Wales. WCVA and Welsh Government have appointed Resources for Change to undertake this research.

The objective of the research is to help the third sector ensure any contingency planning and preparations are proportionate, as well as to act to reassure both the sector and communities that benefit from these services.

There are three themes to this work:

1. Empowered communities and community services

What effect will leaving the EU have on the availability and delivery of community services in Wales? Which community services are more vulnerable to the Brexit process? Which services best support community empowerment, resilience, cohesion and prosperity?

2. The financial stability of third sector organisations delivering these services

What impact will the withdrawal of the Structural Funds have on the sector in Wales and specifically those delivering community services?

3. The workforce of these organisations, both voluntary and paid

How reliant is the sector on EU workers? Will the sector face a skills shortage if we're unable to easily access workers and volunteers from the EU?

Findings from the research are now available.

To find out more about the project or to get involved, please contact Janine Downing jdowning@wcva.cymru