Resilient Communities: a third sector perspective

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The importance of play

In this podcast Marianne Mannello from Play Wales and Millie Boswell from Community & Voluntary Support Conwy (CVSC) discuss how play provision should be at the heart of community interventions to increase prosperity and wellbeing; how play can help stimulate community activism and empowerment; and how empowerment can take time to happen in communities.

What do we mean by 'resilience' and 'empowered'?

In this podcast Chris Johnes from Building Communities Trust and Anna Nicholl and Russell Todd from WCVA discuss whether terms such as 'empowerment' or 'resilient communities' are correct, or indeed matter at all; some of the ingredients required to empower communities; and the importance of leaning at the heart of empowerment activities.

The role of arts and culture in empowering people and communities

In this podcast Gareth Coles from Voluntary Arts Wales and Russell Todd from WCVA are hosted by Guy O'Donnell, Co-ordinator of the Sherman 5 programme at Sherman Theatre in Cardiff. They discuss the valuable role that the arts and cultural activities can have in enhancing people's well-being; how co-producing arts activities with people can lead to greater participation in cultural activities; and how the arts can create new ways for people to express themselves.

Resilient Communities - a rural perspective

In this podcast Jessica Morgan and Karen Scott from PLANED in Narberth, Pembrokeshire provide a rural perspective on resilient communities. They describe some of the pressures facing rural communities; they provide an insight to the challenges of supporting collective community action across dispersed communities; and they explain how a community development organisation like PLANED can animate and support communities to be more self-sufficient.

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