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Welcome to our consultations page, where you can find out the latest consultations that affect you and your organisation. We'll tell you how to reply and which we'll be replying to - and how you can help us with our responses.

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Current consultations - updated 21.02.20

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Policy area Title Source Summary Deadline
Community Future Audit Arrangements for Community Councils in Wales Wales Audit Office

The Auditor General is seeking the views of interested parties on the proposed audit arrangements.

Do you have experience or information about the audit of community and town councils in Wales? We would like to hear from you.

Education Speech, language and communication delivery plan 2020 to 2021 Welsh Government

We want your views on improving the way in which we support children to develop their speech, language and communication (SLC) skills.

Education Local authority education databases Welsh Government

We are seeking your views on draft regulations that will require each local authority (LA) to set up a database of all compulsory school age children in their area.

Environment Circular economy strategy Welsh Government

We want your views on our strategy to make a low carbon, zero waste Wales that uses a fair share of resources.

Environment Clean Air Plan for Wales Welsh Government

We want your views on our approach to reducing air pollution in Wales. 

Health & Social Care Managing the transition from children's to adults' healthcare services Welsh Government

We want your views on draft guidance on how children and young people move to using adult services.

Health & Social Care Hospital discharge processes National Assembly for Wales

The  Health, Social Care and Sport Committee would welcome your views as part of its inquiry into hospital discharge processes.

Housing Estate charges on housing developments Welsh Government

We want your views on estate management charges for maintaining housing developments.

Housing Renting Homes (Amendment) (Wales) Bill National Assembly for Wales

The Equality, Local Government and Communities Committee is undertaking an inquiry into the general principles of the Renting Homes (Amendment) (Wales) Bill

Local Government

Changes to the executive governance arrangements in principal councils (local authorities)

 Welsh Government

We want your views about proposed changes to principal council (local authorities) executive governance arrangements.


Active Travel guidance

 Welsh Government

We want your views on draft revised Active Travel delivery, planning and design guidance.

Welsh Language

National policy on Welsh language transmission and use in families

 Welsh Government

We want your views on our draft policy to support and encourage more use of Welsh within the family.



To add a new consultation, please email Fiona Harris on fharris@wcva.org.uk

Looking for our consultation responses? Try our archive.