Here you'll find an archive of WCVA’s consultation responses.

Title WCVA's response
Strengthening Social Partnerships 'An inclusive Welsh economy in which everyone can thrive and no-one is left behind is an admirable vision, but we reservations about this Bill being able to achieve that.'
Local Government and Elections (Wales) Bill 'WCVA welcomes the extension of the vote to 16 and 17-year-olds and foreigners legally resident in Wales.'
The draft International Strategy 'We would have liked to have seen more involvement of voluntary organisations in the development of the strategy. Effective delivery will now need active involvement across all sectors in Wales.'
A workforce strategy for health and social care 'It is unclear what is expected and hoped of, and at what level, from the sector.'
Draft Budget 2020-21 proposals 'We would like Welsh Government to focus on growing an inclusive economy in Wales.'
Health and Social Care (Quality and Engagement) (Wales) Bill 'Co-production, specifically identified as a core principle of the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act (2014) and a key feature of a Healthier Wales, is missing from the Bill. It should be integral in ensuring citizens are at the heart of changing or improving provision.'
Measuring a nation's progress 'We are concerned that without measuring the impact volunteering has on national progress that it may, consciously or unconsciously, lead Welsh Government and other decision-makers to deprioritise the third sector when it comes to investment'
Loneliness and isolation 'The social care sector and the third sector need to develop better partnerships'
WIMD 19 'We would like to see social capital as an indicator.'
Welsh Government draft Budget proposals 2019-20 'Short-term funding cycles are prohibiting the sector from planning and stunting sustainability.'
Regulation and Inspection of Social Care Act Phase 3 'We welcome the proposed area of regulation for children's statutory advocacy.'
Tackling avoidance of non-domestic rates in Wales 'Making this exemption discretionary would be akin to scrapping it altogether'.
Strengthening local government: delivering for people 'It will be necessary to be clear about what can be organised better at regional level, and what is needed to enable community-led participation on improving health and wellbeing.'
Inquiry into Welsh Government's administrative and financial preparedness for Brexit 'Any weakening of rights will indicate little recognition for the Welsh devolved perspective.'
Code of Fundraising Practice - Data Protection 'Definitions to describe 'personal data' and 'processing' should mirror the definitions in publically available guidance such as the Data Protection Bill'.
Local approaches to poverty reduction 'PSBs must improve their engagement with citizens and communities, and the skills and resources needed through which to effectively involve citizens should not be underestimated.'
New questions for the Annual Return 'WCVA feels that staff pay is not indicative of whether a charity is effectively delivering its goals and making a positive impact.'
Public Services Fit For The Future 'WCVA favours principles that promote transparency, enhance governance and deliver person-centred care.'
Inquiry into physical activity in children and young people 'The data is not robust enough as it does not fully represent the level of participation (or lack of) in BME children.'
Welsh Government draft Budget proposals 18-19 'We are concerned short-term funding is having a detrimental impact on the reslience of third sector organisations.'
Communities First - Lessons Learned 'When Communities First has worked well, it has empowered people to come together to make a difference to their communities.'
The Great Repeal Bill and its implications for Wales 'Failing to engage the public on Brexit would be a missed opportunity. It is the role of the Assembly in our democracy to represent the people and hold government to account on their behalf.'
Reforming local government: resilient and renewed 'The third sector is ideally placed to deliver services in many areas of work that are proposed to be organised on a regional basis, and should therefore be involved as a key stakeholder before, during and after the transition'.
Inquiry into human right s in Wales 'There is a legitimate fear that leaving the EU will erode the human rights of citizens as a consequence of departing from the EU legislative and regulatory framework.'
Inquiry into lobbying 'The idea of a register of lobbyists needs to be explored further in order to assess its suitability.'
Talk Communities 'The third sector has a vital role to play in strengthening and empowering community cohesion, and must be supported by government to do so.'
Reporting serious incidents in charities 'The guidance 'doesn't seem to cater for small charities either below the annual reporting threshold or the registration threshold.'
Consultation on the implications for Wales of Britain leaving the European Union 'WCVA conducted a poll. Organisations were asked to rate nine predefined areas in order of importance to Wales' negotiating position, and to report any other areas of concern. The results clearly indicate that 'impact on the Economy and jobs' is seen as the highest priority for Wales, closely followed by 'equality, justice and human rights' and 'access to funding'.'
Draft Welsh Budget priorities 'WCVA wants to see the role that the third sector will need to play in achieving many Welsh Government goals reflected in budget decisions. We want to see the budget reflect the social, environmental and economic value that the sector brings. In particular, we would expect to see indications of how spend will shift to focus more on preventative activity and budgeting for the longer term. '
Draft Wales Bill version two 'There remain key reserved areas that we can envision clashing with Welsh Government legislation.'
Select Committee on Charities - Call for Evidence 'The third sector continues to feel pressure from increased demand and funding cuts, with concern that Brexit will deepen this problem further.'
Consultation on power to disqualify from acting as a trustee 'it seems unclear how the Commission will take account of spent convictions and how this sensitive data will be obtained.'
Priorities for the Equality, Local Government and Communities Committee Many of the activities delivered by the third sector are aimed at individuals with multiple barriers that see them continually marginalised. Many live chaotic lives in socially isolated communities often lacking the basic skills, confidence and resources which are essential for them to feel they are employable.
The Wellbeing of Future Generations and what it means for your audit The Public Audit principles are sound, but how will the Wales Audit Office use them to really examine the extent to which each public body has applied the sustainable development principle?
Draft Local Government (Wales) Bill 'We welcome encouragement for the public to become more involved and for it to be a statutory duty'
How to measure a nation? 'Significant value could be added to this work with some amendments and additions'
Welsh Government consultation into alternative models in public service delivery. The Wellbeing of Future Generations Act will provide a  crucial influence to underpin all future public service delivery and therefore must be included in setting the context for future action.
Welsh Government draft budget proposals 2016-17 Further constraints to Welsh Government core funding to third sector organisations will impact significantly on the longer term viability of organisations that act as a vital point of contact for the public sector to engage with and mobilise the wider third sector.