Sustainable Resource Use - Using Less and Saving More!

Green BulbA key driver in investing time, energy - and sometimes money - in making your organisation more 'green' (e.g. energy efficient, waste-conscious and resource-light) is that it delivers bottom-line cost savings that can be used to fund your key services or mission. However, these actions will also play a part in helping tackle some of our most pressing global challenges, safeguarding access to resources and quality of life for future generations.

Environmental Policy

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One of the best ways to demonstrate commitment to 'greening' your organisation is through having an agreed Environmental Policy that is understood and respected by all your staff, visitors and volunteers. The policy can be as simple or detailed as needed for the size of your group but it can help share understanding about your group's beliefs and values and also ensure that any actions that you choose to take are carried out consistently within your organisation. There is guidance on developing an Environmental Policy here.

'Greening' your organisation does not need to stop at energy and water consumption - remember to take a look at how you can act on climate change and make space for nature too! 

Get Involved!

Energy and Water Efficiency

Simple Ways to Save Energy

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Waterwise provides water saving tips and an overview of some simple changes you can make to save water and reduce leaks at home, at work and in the garden.


Active Travel
Sustrans has also developed the Smarter Journeys to Work Toolkit which is designed to encourage organisations to take a fresh look at the way their staff travel to work and to help with designing and implementing a Travel Plan. 


Sharing and Learning

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Green Dragon is an environmental standard awarded to organisations taking action to understand, monitor and control their impacts on the environment. It is broken down into five "Levels" - companies can apply for whichever level they feel is most relevant for them. This allows them to gain a recognised and certified EMS which is appropriate for their size and activities. The Green Dragon Standard is owned and operated by Groundwork Wales.