We deliver the Communities First Support Service as part of a contract which is funded by Welsh Government; within the service we provide a programme of learning, bespoke advice, support and the facilitation of peer-to-peer learning.

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The service is delivered to:

  • The workforce in the 52 CF clusters - around 800 people
  • Shared Outcomes providers - organisations who deliver specific projects within Communities First areas
  • Lift brokers - those working on the Lift programme aiming to provide 5,000 training and employment opportunities for people living in households where no-one is in work
  • Lead Delivery Bodies



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Some comments from our courses:

'It's been fun - I've learnt useful tools to help support me in my role.  Thank you!'

'Enjoyable and informative - really good thanks!'

"This course has made me think critically about our services and given me the confidence to change what we do and how we do it."

"Brilliant!  Brilliant!  Brilliant!  One of the best training course I have been on."

"Fabulous.  Thoroughly enjoyed.  Learnt a lot and would recommend."


Bespoke Advice

We provide bespoke advice, delivered either by our team, or through contracted specialist consultants. The support itself is co-designed to meet the particular cluster's needs. Support can be provided on a range of topics including governance, monitoring and evaluation, community involvement, facilitation, and planning. All consultants are drawn from WCVA's database of trainers and consultants.

What clusters have achieved thanks to our support:

'It enabled the organisation to gain a bit of rigour. The management structure was quite unusual due to historic circumstances. Communities First was the largest grant fund the organisation had administered. Help was needed to grow systems. The organisation has had a clean audit which shows that systems have worked'

'A much better understanding of community involvement & a well-structured, achievable Community Involvement Plan with measurable outcomes that has been approved by Welsh Government'

Click here for a look back at the fringe event we hosted the evening before the 2014 Annual CF Conference in Llandudno.
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Learning Zone

WCVA's Learning Zone has a dedicated area for the Communities First workforce allowing you to learn in an online or blended manner at a pace and time to suit you.









Read our blog about the Learning Zone for further information. Click here to register as a learner on the Learning Zone.


We have a series of podcasts featuring members of the CF workforce discussing their Community involvement activities. These are rich, detailed conversations that are a great way of sharing our learning with each other. 

Peer-to-peer support - Action Learning Sets (OLGA)s

Our OLGAs are based on the methodology of Action Learning Sets; through these sessions, CF Workers in similar roles and work areas support each other to identify possible solutions to problems they face in their work.

These sessions are externally facilitated for a period of time before the group members assume responsibility for planning and running their own groups. Examples include RCT Cluster Managers, North Wales Cluster Managers, North Wales Learning leads, and West Wales Cluster Managers.

'My first experience of a learning set under the facilitator's guidance was really worthwhile and the issues it raised have stayed with me since and I've actually spent some time addressing these. I have found myself reflecting on the whole experience in the weeks that have already passed and am looking forward to the next one'

'It was a good opportunity to focus on a particular issue. Even though I wasn't the 'problem bearer' I took some learning to apply to my own setting. I also felt it was a good team building activity'


The Communities First Support Service is co-ordinated by Russell Todd and can be contacted through Welsh or English via WCVA's Communities First helpline on 0800 587 8898 or by emailing help@wcva.org.uk.

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