Celebration youth social action across the UK

#iwillWeek is an annual week to share and celebrate the stories of young people that get involved in social action by providing a platform for them to tell their story, in the ways that work for them.

This November we call on the public, private and third sector in Wales to help us share the stories and say thank you to the young people that give their time to causes they care about in their community. These young people might be your volunteers, your employees, your pupils, your family or your friends. However, you know these amazing young people, help them to have a voice and give them a platform to shout loud and proud from.

  • If they are your employees, could they feature as your employee of the month and tell their story to other staff?
  • If they are your pupils or students, could they talk in an assembly about what difference they make to their community?
  • If they are young people that volunteer with you could they take over your social media for the day and help you to share good news stories about what you do?

To help you to share these stories and create the platforms, we have provided a collection of guidance and templates that can be downloaded from this page.