This toolkit has been developed in order to support those who wish to engage volunteers to assist with public events.

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We have used the term Event Volunteer Manager, but the toolkit is aimed at anyone who

  • Manages, supports and recruits volunteers and is running events as part of their work programmes
  • Organises and runs events, and is involving volunteers as part of their event team.

What kind of events does the toolkit cover?

We have tried to make the toolkit relevant to as wide a range of events as possible, including

  • One day conferences, festivals and participative events
  • Large sporting events
  • Workshops
  • Events spanning several days 

Although there are some common requirements in managing volunteers at any event, you should consider the unique needs of your particular event. 

This guide is written with a small to medium sized event in mind: one which is small enough for the volunteer co-ordinator to have personal contact with all volunteers, yet large enough to require rotas, and clear written guidance suitable for an unknown range of volunteers. If your event is likely to be much smaller or much larger you will need to make adjustments accordingly. You will find links to sources of help within the toolkit.

Video: Introducing the Volunteering Spirit Wales toolkit 

How to use the toolkit

If you are completely new to working with volunteers at events, we suggest you start by working through the timeline, which will give you a suggestion of what you should be thinking about before, during and after the event, and includes links to relevant documents as they are needed.

If you already have some experience of running events and are new to  involving volunteers as event helpers, we suggest you start by reading our introductory guidance on Working with Volunteers then come back to the toolkit for resources that are specific to event volunteers, to take things further.  

Video: Impact of Volunteering Spirit Wales Toolkit  

This toolkit has been developed by Voluntary Arts Wales and Wales Council for Voluntary Action. Janina Kuczys, on behalf of Voluntary Arts Wales, is acknowledged as the primary author.

Material and suggestions have been included from many organisations. In particular, partners and stakeholders of the Volunteering Spirit Wales project have generously offered support, feedback and practical contributions.

The Volunteering Spirit Wales Project was funded by Spirit of 2012 (2015-2017). This toolkit is a legacy of the project, to inspire and support good practice in the involvement of volunteers at events

We welcome your comments on the toolkit, including anything that has been helpful or anything that is missing. Email