WCVA’s mission is to provide excellent support, leadership and an influential voice for the third sector and volunteering in Wales. In fulfilling that mission we need to ensure that we accurately represent the views and needs of our members, services users and the sector as a whole whenever we can. To help us with that we would like to encourage you to participate with what we are doing, in a number of ways.

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Feedback: Are you finding that there is a particular issue that is causing you difficulties as a trustee? Or are there areas that you find there is often a lack of information on? We want to help you in the best way that we can, so if we find that a number of trustees are raising the same problem with us we will look into ways that we might be able to resolve the issue. Equally, we need to know when we have done something well or how we might be able to improve something specific for trustees, so we would encourage you to send us your feedback to help us always be the best we can be.

Consultations: We always like to ensure that trustees are given the opportunities to contribute to consultations on subjects that may affect them or the organisations that they work with. We look to submit responses to various consultations that are of importance to the sector, and always welcome comments from our members and service users as that helps us to truly represent your views and needs in relation to the topic in question. You can find details of the consultations that are currently open for responses here.

Social media: This is one of the quickest, cheapest and most effective ways that Social mediayou might be able to let us and other people that we are connected with know what you are thinking, or what you would like to say about something specific. You can follow us on Twitter to join in with up to the minute discussions about breaking news and events, or to tweet about something that our other followers might be interested in. Or you could 'like' us on Facebook and see what's been posted and shared on there, from details of how you can join in with a new venture, to photographs of a recent event, or a link to a new publication you might find useful. And if you're a keen blogger with plenty to say about your experiences as a trustees or a subject that's relevant to others in the third sector in Wales, we'd love to hear from you! Submissions should be emailed to Simon Dowling, Marketing & Communications Adviser, on sdowling@wcva.org.uk. They need to be a maximum 400 words, plus you need to tell us your name, position, the name of the organisation you work for and your contact details.