Here is a list of all WCVA staff and the Senior Management Team

WCVA Senior Management Team

Ruth Marks, Chief Executive -
Phil Fiander, Director of Operations, Innovations and Business Development -
Anna Nicholl, Director of Strategy -
Sara Sellek, Assistant Director of Operations and Marketing -
Judith Stone, Assistant Director of Sector Development -
Jocelyn David, Interim Director of Finance - 
Matt Brown, Assistant Director of Investments -

WCVA staff and their teams

Office of the Chief Executive

Tracey Lewis, CEO's PA and Company Secretary -
Satinder Ahluwalia, Head of Human Resources -
Karen Timbrell, Human Resources Support Officer -

Third Sector European Team (3-SET)

Jessica Williams, 3-SET Manager - 
Janine Downing, 3-SET Manager -
Lilla Farkas, 3-SET Support Officer -
Marc Jones, European Operations Communications Support Officer -


Julie Cull, Facilities Officer -,
Receptionist - (vacant roles - interested in applying? Visit

Sustainable Funding

Dewi Smith, Sustainable Funding Manager -

BME Sport Cymru

Rajma Begum, Sports Equality Cymru Project Manager -

Marketing and Communications

Simon Dowling, Marketing and Communications Officer -
Danny Owen, Digital Communications Support Officer -
Marketing, Membership and Engagement Manager - (vacant role - interested in applying? Visit

Training, Events and Membership

Kate Gobir, Membership and Events Officer -
Wendy Gilbert, Learning Officer -
Catrin Roberts, Team Administrator -
Luke Mcmanus, Team Administrator -


Catherine Miller, Grant Funds Manager - 
Siobhan Hayward, Grants Support Officer -

Active Inclusion Fund - Assessment, Claims and Verification

Tessa White, Head of IB Grant and Verification -
Sian Baker Maurice, Claims Officer -
Nicola Bethell, Assessment Support Officer -
Julie Bush, Assessment Manager -
James Nee Davies, Assessment Support Officer -
Mathew Dawe, Claims Process Support Officer -
Michael Dupree, Performance Officer -
Caroline Hardy, Claims Process Support Officer -
Timothy Jones, Verification Process Support Officer -
Ann King, Verification Process Support Officer -
Deborah Wilkins, Verification Process Support Officer -
Katherine Lancey, Assessment Support Officer -
Emma Manderson, Verification Process Support Officer -
Angela Parkin, Assessment Support Officer -
AJ Perkins, Compliance Manager -
Livia Pietromarchi, Verification Process Support Officer -
Joan Turner, Claims Process Support Officer -
Huw Williams, Claims Process Support Officer -
Beverley Wheeler, Claims Process Support Officer -
Claims Process Support Officer - (vacant role - interested in applying? Visit
Verifications Officer - (vacant role - interested in applying? Visit
Verification Process Support Officer - (vacant role - interested in applying? Visit

Active Inclusion Fund - Performance and Support

Gail Dervish, Head of IB Performance and Support -
Eleanor Jones, Performance and Support Manager -
Morgan Armstrong, Performance Officer -
John Butterly, Performance Officer -
Caroline Harries, Performance Officer -
Gemma Robinson, Performance Officer -
Einir Roberts, Performance Officer -
Ian Howell-Morgan, Performance Officer -
Caryl Adams, Performance Officer (Maternity Cover) -
Performance Officer - (vacant role - interested in applying? Visit

Digital Services

Rhodri Jones, Head of Digital Services - 
Rhodri Owain, Translator - 
Mared Roberts, Translator -
Aneela Yousef, ICT Officer -
Support Administrator - (vacant role - interested in applying? Visit


Emma Waldron, Risk, Procurement and Governance Manager -
Kathryn Thomas, Monitoring and Reporting Support Officer -

Social Investment Cymru

Alun Jones, Head of Social Investment Cymru -
Rhys Meredith, Social Investment Cymru Project Officer - 
Korina Tsioni, Social Investment Cymru Support Officer -
Social Investment Cymru Project Officer - (vacant role - interested in applying? Visit

Governance and Safeguarding

Mair Rigby, Governance and Safeguarding Manager - 
Suzanne Mollison, Safeguarding Officer -


David Cook, Policy Officer -
Fiona Harris, Policy Support Officer -
Sally Rees, Research Officer (Social Services and Wellbeing Act) -

Environet Cymru

Clare Sain Ley Berry, Head of Environet Cymru -
Chloe Jenkins, Environet Cymru Support Officer - 


Fiona Liddell, Volunteering Development Manager -
Felcitie Walls, Volunteering Grants & Youth Development Manager -
Rhian Milcoy , Youth and Volunteering Support Officer -
Nicola Nicholls, Volunteer Development Support Officer -
Pratibha Patel, Youth and Volunteering Support Officer -


Brankica Terzic, Finance Officer - 
Annette Thomas, Payroll Support Officer -
Darren Hollick, European Finance Manager -
Kelly Chamberlain, European Finance Officer -
Linda Phillips, European Finance Support Officer -
Finance Administrator - (vacant role - interested in applying? Visit
Finance and Payroll Support Officer - (vacant role - interested in applying? Visit