Here is a list of all WCVA staff and the Senior Management Team

WCVA Senior Management Team

Ruth Marks, Chief Executive
Phil Fiander, Director of Operations, Innovations and Business Development
Anna Nicholl, Director of Strategy
Sara Sellek, Assistant Director of Operations and Marketing
Judith Stone, Assistant Director of Sector Development
Tracey Marsh, Director of Finance
Matt Brown, Assistant Director of Investments

WCVA staff and their teams

Office of the Chief Executive

Tracey Lewis, CEO's PA and Company Secretary
Satinder Ahluwalia, Head of Human Resources
Karen Timbrell, Human Resources Support Officer

Third Sector European Team (3-SET)

Janine Downing, 3-SET Manager
Jessica Williams, 3-SET Policy Manager
Lilla Farkas, 3-SET Support Officer
Marc Jones, European Operations Communications Support Officer


Julie Cull, Facilities Officer
Anna Bryl, Facilities Administrator

Sustainable Funding

Alison Pritchard, Sustainable Funding Manager
Siobhan Hayward, Catalyst Officer

BME Sport Cymru

Rajma Begum, National (BME) Diversity Officer

Marketing and Communications

Simon Dowling, Marketing and Communications Officer
Danny Owen, Digital Communications Support Officer

Training, Events and Membership

Kate Gobir, Membership and Events Officer
Wendy Gilbert, Learning Officer
Catrin Roberts, Team Administrator
Luke Mcmanus, Team Administrator


Catherine Miller, Grant Funds Manager
Mathew Dawe, Grant Funds Support Officer
Jennifer Preston, Grant Funds Support Officer

Active Inclusion Fund - Grants and Verification

Tessa White, Head of IB Grants and Verification

Arabella Calder, Assessment Manager

Nicola Bethell, Assessment Support Officer
Kathryn Thomas, Assessment Support Officer
James Nee Davies, Assessment Support Officer 
Katherine Lancey, Assessment Support Officer
Angela Parkin, Assessment Support Officer
AJ Perkins, Compliance Manager
Sian Baker Maurice, Claims Officer
Caroline Hardy, Claims Process Support Officer
Joan Turner, Claims Process Support Officer
Emma Manderson, Claims Process Support Officer
Beverley Wheeler, Claims Process Support Officer
Tariq Awan, Claims Process Support Officer
Amanda Harvey-Cook, Claims Process Support Officer
Livia Pietromarchi, Verification Officer
Claire Scawn, Verification Process Support Officer
Timothy Jones, Verification Process Support Officer
Ann King, Verification Process Support Officer
Deborah Wilkins, Verification Process Support Officer

Active Inclusion Fund - Performance and Support

Gail Dervish, Head of IB Performance and Support
Eleanor Jones, Performance and Support Manager
Morgan Armstrong, Performance Officer
John Butterly, Performance Officer
Gemma Robinson, Performance Officer
Einir Roberts, Performance Officer
Ian Howell-Morgan, Performance Officer
Michael Dupree, Performance Officer
Huw Williams, Performance Officer 

Digital Services

Rhodri Jones, Head of Digital Services
Rhodri Owain, Translator 
Mared Roberts, Translator
Steve Cargill, Support Administrator


Emma Waldron, Risk, Procurement and Governance Manager
Rhian Milcoy, Impact and Risk Officer 

Social Investment Cymru

Alun Jones, Head of Social Investment Cymru
Rhys Meredith, Social Investment Cymru Project Officer
Caryl Adams, Social Investment Cymru Project Officer
Korina Tsioni, Social Investment Cymru Support Officer

Governance and Safeguarding

Mair Rigby, Governance and Safeguarding Manager
Suzanne Mollison, Safeguarding Officer


David Cook, Policy Officer
Fiona Harris, Policy Support Officer
Sally Rees, Research Officer (Social Services and Wellbeing Act)


Fiona Liddell, Helpforce Manager Wales
Felcitie Walls, Volunteering Grants & Youth Development Manager
Rhian Milcoy , Youth and Volunteering Support Officer
Nicola Nicholls, Volunteer Development Support Officer


Brankica Terzic, Finance Manager
Annette Thomas, Payroll Support Officer
Anthony Hemmings, Finance Support Officer
Darren Hollick, Head of European Finance
Kelly Chamberlain, European Finance Officer
Linda Phillips, European Finance Support Officer